Little White Butterflies Batch Torrent V4
Description Official batch torrent for all releases by Little White Butterflies and subgroups (Team Vanilla and Short Wharf). Sorted by blog with filenames standardized. See readme for details.

Updated up to June 30, 2012

If you are updating from version 3, be sure to make the changes detailed in the changelog before you start the torrent to prevent redundant files. See the post at for details.

Submitted by mondere
Date Added July 4, 2013
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README.txt 2.6 KB
SW/[kidam]_Futanari_Onee-san_no_Shotagoroshi_[ENG] 621.8 KB
LWB/[774]_Princess_Monika_[ENG] 704.1 KB
LWB/[Unknown]_Digital_Broadcasting_Girl_(The_Ring)[ENG] 839.5 KB
LWB/[Tsunamushi]_Ukkari_Chinkochan_[ENG] 884.7 KB
LWB/[Buffalow_Propaganda]_Down_Stairs_[ENG] 1.1 MB
LWB/[774_Nanashi]_I_Want_To_Go_On_an_Adventure_with_Booby_Elf-san_[ENG] 1.2 MB
LWB/[Over_Dynamics]_Hawaiian_Hearts_II_[ENG] 1.2 MB
SW/[Blaze(Scotch)]_Onnanoko_ni_Naru_Houhou_(Hourou_Musuko)[ENG] 1.3 MB
LWB/[Sara_Ken_Ryou]_A_Certain_Girls_Confinement_(Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun)[ENG] 1.4 MB
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