3D Custom Girl Install files and updates up to XPr4.1 Uncensored
Description Updated install file package for 3DCG including the most recent expansion and uncensored patch with English instructions on how to install.

Update: The torrent now includes XPr2 and the corresponding uncensored patch.

Update: The torrent now includes XPr3 and the corresponding uncensored patch.

Update: Here is a ddl for XPr4.1 with uncensored ObsDX9.exe, the latest patch:

Update: XPr4.1 MU link works now:

Submitted by TMV
Date Added March 29, 2009
4.7/5 (6 votes)
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TDCGLauncher.rar 10.1 KB
TDCG_XPr3.zip 603.9 KB
TDCG_XPr2.zip 591.4 KB
TDCG_XPr1.zip 3.6 MB
TDCG_sp2r1.exe 2.3 MB
TDCG_sp2.exe 2.2 MB
Readme.txt 1.4 KB
ObsDX9[Unc-XPr3].rar 283.9 KB
ObsDX9[Unc-XPr2].rar 280.5 KB
ObsDX9 SP2r1 UNC.rar 259.7 KB
[3DCG][interface][TranslatedHelp][Hastur888][v0.6r1].rar 2.1 MB
3DCG1[1].0-UNC.rar 198.1 KB
3D_Custom_Girl_complete_iso.rar 1.0 GB
3D custom girl XP uncensored.zip 339.0 MB
3D Custom Girl SP1.rar 330.8 MB
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# Name Comment
1 Anonymous
2009-03-29 22:25:22
need some seeds!
2 Anonymous
2009-04-21 04:33:11
Seed please!
3 Anonymous
2009-06-05 13:17:55
may i have some help with seeds please? thanks.
4 Anonymous
2009-06-06 14:45:50
can i get a re-seed?
5 Anonymous
2009-07-14 22:20:02
can you post the uncensored ObsDX9.exe for XPr4.1? The link you provided above is no longer available. Thank you.
6 Anonymous
2009-07-23 05:22:27
Yeah the link for the update is down please update it.
7 Anonymous
2009-08-08 06:52:11
Please update the link to xpr4.1 uncen. The current link is dead
8 Anonymous
2009-08-10 00:01:37
When I run it it says it's missing d3dx9_32.dll. I uninstalled and did a basic install and it still wouldn't work. Then I did all the updates as per the readme file. Still the same error. Anyone know how to fix this?
9 Anonymous
2009-08-11 11:23:59
It's not a problem caused by a wrong installation. This one is DirectX related.. Update your DirectX or simply google the d3dx9_32.dll file and put it into your Windows/System32/ directory and everything should work fine :]
10 Anonymous
2009-08-16 15:14:55
When I run the exe I get nothing but an error message in "moonspeak"
Can anyone help please?
11 Anonymous
2009-08-16 16:04:11
Yeah please post a working link to the XPr4 please.
12 Anonymous
2009-08-20 13:57:37
where do you put all of these and do these replace any files, i cant figure it out.
13 Anonymous
2009-08-27 12:22:05
the readme for installing doesn't make any fucking sense, it is confusing as all hell, can soomeone who knows what the fuck he is doing explain?

14 Anonymous
2009-08-31 21:14:20
Do the screenshots come from a mod?
15 Anonymous
2009-09-11 18:14:19
link dead. please repost.
16 Anonymous
2009-09-23 21:01:28
Instruction based on my own experience/research:

Files Required to follow these instructions:

"3D custom girl XP uncensored.zip"
"ObsDX9[Unc-XPr2].rar" (not needed for short version)
"TDCGLauncher.rar" (See Note 2)

Short version (untested, use at your own risk):

1) MUST DO THIS STEP FIRST! Go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Advanced and make sure your "Language for non-Unicode programs" is set to Japanese. You may need to "Install files for East Asian Languages" under the. Languages tab and install the Japanese "Code page conversion tables" under the Advanced tab first.

2) Extract "3D_Custom_Girl_complete_iso.rar", then extract "TDCG_V100.ISO", then run "Setup.exe" to install the game.

3) Extract the following files

"3D custom girl XP uncensored.zip"
"3DCUSTOM_XPR1_UNC.exe" (self extracting program)

4) Copy over the following files to the "arcs" folder in the game's install directory.


5) Overwrite the "ObsDX9.exe" in the install directory with the "ObsDX9.exe" that was extracted from "ObsDX9[Unc-XPr3].rar"

Long version (the version I used):

1) MUST DO THIS STEP FIRST! Go to Control Panel>Regional and Language Options>Advanced and make sure your "Language for non-Unicode programs" is set to Japanese. You may need to "Install files for East Asian Languages" under the. Languages tab and install the Japanese "Code page conversion tables" under the Advanced tab first.

2) Extract "3D_Custom_Girl_complete_iso.rar"

3) Extract the file "TDCG_V100.ISO" that was created in the previous step

4) Run the program "Setup.exe" that was created in the previous step. Just click the button with a "N" on it until you see the install progress bar comes up. After this install has completed click the button with a "C" on it.

5) Run the game to make sure it works.

6) Extract "3D custom girl XP uncensored.zip"

7) Copy over "base_xp.tah" and "omake_xp.tah" that was created in the last step (not the ones found in the "_MACOSX" folder, but the ones found in the other folder) to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女\arcs"

8) Rename "窶「ツァ窶「Uフや€「マ€窶「ツサツゥ`窶「Iフ・窶「窶吮€「ツー窶「ツァ窶「Iフ・ObsDX9.exe" that was created in step 6 to "ObsDX9.exe" and copy it over to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女" (yes, overwrite to old one)

9) Run the game to make sure it works

10) Run the program "3DCUSTOM_XPR1_UNC.exe" in order to extract the files needed for XPr1

11) Copy over "base_xpr1.tah" that was created in the last step to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女\arcs"

12) Copy over the "ObsDX9.exe" that was created in step 10 to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女" (yes, overwrite to old one)

13) Run the game to make sure it works

14) Extract "TDCG_XPr2.zip" and copy the file "base_xpr2.tah" to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女\arcs"

15) Extract "ObsDX9[Unc-XPr2].rar" and copy the file "ObsDX9.exe" to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女" (yes, overwrite the old one)

16) Run the game to make sure it works

17) Extract "TDCG_XPr3.zip" and copy the file "base_xpr3.tah" to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女\arcs"

18) Extract "ObsDX9[Unc-XPr3].rar" and copy the file "ObsDX9.exe" to "C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女" (yes, overwrite the old one)

19) Run the game to make sure it works


1] The updating process can be summarized as copying over the base files to the arcs folder, and overwriting to old "ObsDX9.exe" with the new (uncensored) "ObsDX9.exe"

2] Extract the file "TDCGLauncher.rar" and copy over "TDCGLauncher.exe" to the install directory ("C:\Program Files\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女") and use it to launch the game with different settings (e.g. resolutions)

3] The updates in SP1, SP2 and SP2r1 are included in the XP expansion.
17 Anonymous
2009-10-10 04:41:46
18 Jocuro
2009-11-08 12:11:22
I got through to step 5 on the (long) version, and it came up with an error message. It is titled 'Obsidian/DX9'. I have no idea what it says though, and if I could copy it I would translate it. But I can't. But I know I have DirectX 9. So I am at a loss.
19 Anonymous
2009-11-19 03:09:14
If it says something like "ピッセルシェーダ2.0blahblahありません" that means that your video card doesn't support "Pixel Shader 2.0" in DirectX.
20 Anonymous
2009-12-12 17:13:24
how can i do things on the screenshots?
21 Anonymous
2010-01-03 08:25:50
Conserning 'Obsidian/DX9': it says something like 'Shistemu no baashon ga chigaimasu', which, I think, means roughly 'The system version is incorrect'. I suppose the 'system' part referres to the 3DCG application...
22 Anonymous
2010-01-03 17:06:46
By the way, I've followed all of the steps in the long version, but the game stays censored. Why so?
23 Anonymous
2010-01-10 12:32:39
you guys suck like 10 min of searching and looking up crap and i got it working just fine and its uncen. that go's to show you how lazy yall are.
24 Anonymous
2010-01-11 22:15:07
How do I get the bondage thingy like in the sample picture? O.o just curious
25 Anonymous
2010-01-12 04:54:27
Jokuro, there should b a rar file in your installation forder target, just extract it and replace the ObsDX9 with the 1 from that rar
26 Anonymous
2010-01-16 10:11:37
After trying the install that came with the game, post 15 was a great help in getting the exprs installed. THanks
27 Anonymous
2010-01-16 10:20:17
Could you reupload the XP4.1 patch AND the uncensored? Thanks
28 Anonymous
2010-01-21 14:21:19
Install and all that, then download this, it is XPr4.1 uncensored:
Same thing, just replace "ObsDX9.exe" and place the two ".tah" files in the "arc" folder.
29 Anonymous
2010-01-28 08:45:04
Hay Can Someone Tell Me How To Do Things Like The One In The Screen Shots XD Please Tell Me
30 Anonymous
2010-05-03 23:36:59
Im experiencing a strange bug with this game and and find info about it, when i select an h-scene it starts to load
and just sits there loading forever. anyone know a solution to this problem?
31 Anonymous
2010-06-22 13:49:02
I've been getting the same obsidian/DX9 problem and the replacement does nothing at all
32 Anonymous
2010-07-05 11:16:42
can i heavy save with this? also how do i extract an iso
33 Anonymous
2010-07-08 15:42:28
I completely fogot i dont have winrar XD silly me
34 Anonymous
2010-07-08 17:53:06
i got it to work but it doesnt look like the ones in the pictures
35 Anonymous
2010-07-28 14:37:36
So ca i just download and install? Are there any viruses?
36 Anonymous
2010-08-10 07:20:12
I am also getting the Obsidian/DX9 error. The original exe working find, so I'm left to assume that the later exe is either not compatible with Vista or isn't working with DX9 correctly (which can't be true b/c everyone else has dx9 as well and theirs worked). Is there anyone who's installed successfully (all patches) and are also running Vista or Win7?
37 Anonymous
2010-10-11 18:16:05
I can only get to XPr2 before the game stops launching on me. I have Windows 7, so I suppose that could be the issue.
38 Anonymous
2010-11-21 07:48:22
I start the game, it goes into a black screen.
39 Anonymous
2011-01-24 04:16:39
pretty sure some people got it, but just to clear it up for people who have windows 7. Extract the files from the 3d custom girl uncensored xp folder. Once that is done, go to the 3d techarts folder that contains the ObsDX9.exe and place the Base_xp.tah and Omake_xp.tah into the arcs folder. After that extract the TDCG XPr1, 2, and XPr3. Take all the Base_xp files and put them in the arc folder. Your arc folder should sound like this


Or something like that. After that, take the ObsDX9.exe from the TDCG_XPr3 folder and replace your previous ObsDX9.exe. For the uncensored version extract ObsDX9[Unc-XPr3] and replace your ObsDX9.exe with the ObsDX9.exe from the Unc-XPr3. You should have it uncensored now...hopefully. I hoped this helped considering this is my first time explaining something. Sorry if you did not understand. I tried
40 Anonymous
2011-02-12 04:50:51
Can anyone help us about this game. Cause I really install this game about 10X. And After finish install, when I lunch this game and they pop up error msg around 10~15X. T_T. Since it is a japanese lang and I don't Know how to solve this error. T_T. Someone need to post some Image with a tutorial or an video with the tutorial that how to install this game and working properly. Hope you understain my lang cause my english is suck. Xb.
41 Anonymous
2011-02-12 04:55:49
/ \
/ \
/ \
/ \
You can also contact me or reply me on facebook To help me if you want
42 Anonymous
2011-04-05 08:36:24
More seeds are needed!! Dx
There's no availability... T-T
43 Anonymous
2011-04-09 19:25:05
When I extract 3D_Custom_Girl_complete_iso.rar I dont get TDCG_V100.ISO All I get is TDCG_V100 and I cant run setup, help?
44 Anonymous
2011-05-25 10:21:07
What is new about XPr4.1 MU? I don't see anything different about the game after installing base_xpr1.tah.

Oh, and I cant get this think to work on one of my comps. I get some error message saying "Obsidian/DX9: Direct (device cannot not achieve manufactured requirements)" (the last part is in Japanese). Its the exact same OS and Direct X software.

Oh, and the rape/bondage pics are fake. The game allows the players to make still images, this guy just made some anime with it.
45 Anonymous
2011-05-31 04:09:10
okay so I've been playing this game for awhile and all of a sudden the graphic quality dropped and 50% of all I see is just pixels now. Does anyone know why that might be? My graphics card is fine and everything else is working properly so idk where the problem is.
46 Anonymous
2011-09-21 19:58:35
thhaaaaannnxx you i love this game!!!XD!!
for pixels and another problemes, thinking to update your flash adode player 11
Gilrs like this way.... sure...be a girl...
she's pervert!XD!or no?
47 Anonymous
2011-11-19 10:30:31
Anyone have a link to the base_xp.tah file? I can't finish putting in the patches because the base_xp.tah file is curupt
48 Anonymous
2011-12-18 17:05:52
Regardless which ObsDX9 I put in, the screen keeps blinking and puts me out with dx error... Only works with original exe, what gives?
49 Anonymous
2011-12-31 02:44:21
I don't know if anyone looks at this page anymore, but why doesn't everyone contribute to the 3DCG wiki so anyone can enjoy/troubleshoot/share mods? I would but I can't even install the game!
50 Anonymous
2012-01-13 14:53:03
you are god =w=
51 Anonymous
2012-02-29 06:31:57
Can someone that ACTUALLY KNOWS tell me exactly what files should be in what folders????? All I want is to play the game uncensored, fully updated and fully functional, because some patches disable certain functions like breast size. A screenshot of installation/arcs folders would be enough, thanks to the good samaritan who is willing to help.
52 trolemansama
2012-03-01 03:40:36
just a piece of art , TMV god blessssss you pal ¡¡
53 Anonymous
2012-04-16 19:22:01
can someone gimme the link of 3d costome girl istaller? someone? hepl?
54 Anonymous
2012-04-17 14:37:24
can some one help me to this error when im tryng to start my 3d custome girl - ObsDX0.exe-Unable To Locate Component - d3dx9_32.dll was not found. please help me someone i really like this game im a hentai fan xD
55 Anonymous
2012-04-29 15:09:10
Yay it worked :3 I followed the intructions of the long version and the game works fine ^^ Thank you very much :)
56 Anonymous
2012-05-09 19:17:41
Dude i got it ta work thanks to u lol although i have no pubs for the females but sure
57 Anonymous
2012-06-22 20:39:53
NEED LINKS FOR Pr4.1 tanks
58 Anonymous
2012-07-12 21:06:15
I need to download 3DCG Uncensored XP !!! Megaupload is a link dead !
59 Anonymous
2012-08-06 22:35:20
You can download with torrent here : http://hentai-garden.erog.fr/pages/3d-custom-girl-telechargement-installation-3587913.html (click the first "ICI"). You shall take the time to read the instructions.

Uncensored patch and update are just the link after (ddl, no torrent, click the second "ICI")

60 Anonymous
2012-09-02 07:54:41
Ok listen up bitches, I solved the Obsidian/DX9 Direct X error.

1. Get DirectX from here and install http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35

2. Default game resolution is 1240x1024, so if your computers resolution is lower, the error shows up, so extract the TDCGLauncher to the game directory and type in your monitors resolution (or any whoch is lower).
61 Anonymous
2012-09-07 06:08:25
Sweet, but how do you do that? I've been trying to change the resolution in the usual ways (changing .ini files, using Regedit, etc.) but have had absolutely no luck at all. My laptop is 1024x768, the fucker. Halp?
62 Anonymous
2012-09-16 04:43:40
@ #61, extract TDCGLauncher.rar and run that program once with the correct settings. Now you can run the regular ObsDX9.exe in your folder. Hopes this helps; you seem to be smart enough to figure any other problems out. :)
63 Anonymous
2012-09-17 13:02:22
I'm having the same issue as 43 here. I just get a file that my computer refuses to extract the files for. I tested it and it seems like everything else is extracting fine, regardless of how many times I re-download. Help?
64 Anonymous
2012-09-20 12:51:01
can someone help me? I cant heavy save in the xp version or save at all...
65 Anonymous
2012-11-11 18:35:45
Still censored
66 Anonymous
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86 Anonymous
2013-08-13 21:57:40
When I get to step 5 of advance version I cannot run it and I get small black square (top left of screen) and error: http://oi39.tinypic.com/nv63k5.jpg
Please! Help!
87 Anonymous
2013-08-18 11:44:45
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